This is my personal website and hub to my other websites. Here you will find my personal writings and poetry.


If I had but one word to sum up who I am, that one word would be Quickening.

I am a single mother of 3 homebirthed children, currently studying social science at university. I am a feminist and strong advocate for women's rights, and as such support midwifery, homebirth, and informed choice.

I love making websites and use website and graphics design as creative outlets, along with writing content for websites and magazines. I also have a passion for learning and find myself going off many tangents in my quest for information, skill acquistion and knowledge.

My core ethics and values are very important to me, and they contribute to any decisions and actions I parttake in.

Narratives of My History Herstory.

Narrative, n. A spoken or written account of connected events; a story.

Please read this first before continuing...!

Inane Drivel ~ Fuck Skool Yo. - the beginning of my unschooling journey at 16 yrs old.

Seven Years in Me - my experiences of domestic violence

Breaking Free - a short story based on fact, names changed.

Confessions of an Ex-Lapdog - on cults and recovery.

Joyous Birth - A political cult? - exploring cultish aspects

Growing Into Me - the transition from child-me to adult-me.

Shae - single mothering by choice.

A Recalcitrant Pity-fest - realisations of the hardships of deafness.

Thrice October - A tumultuous progression.

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