Confessions of an Ex-Lapdog

Misconception #1. Cults are religious zealot groups. Nope. Not all of them! There are commerical, self help, information, and political type cults which have nothing to do with religion.

Misconception #2. Intelligent, strong willed people won't get suckered in by cults. Nope again. Just like domestic violence, becoming a victim of a cult, or an abuser is more about the manipulative strategies employed by both than it is about individual intelligence or ability. However, there is a common denominator that people do come to cults at low points in their lives, usually finding the cult group fills their own unmet needs.

I believed in the above two misconceptions. It was not until after I had left the cult that I realised just how cultish it really was. Read here for more.

Confessions of an Ex-Lapdog is an anonymous blog written by moi. I used storytelling to sort through my experiences as I recovered from being a cult member. I wrote from the principal of first make people laugh, then make them think - satirical humour at its best! This blog is restricted to readers following this blog for the time being. Eventually the blog will be publicised.


Narratives of My History Herstory.

Narrative, n. A spoken or written account of connected events; a story.

Please read this first before continuing...!

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