Inane drivel ~ Fuck Skool yo.

I was what you would call a good student. I studied. I sucked it up and behaved at school. I did homework. I didn't leave things until the last minute. And I was bored out of my brains as I am sure everyone else was. Sitting there in class zoning out to the monotonous drivel of teaching, I wasn't learning anything of importance. I can't even tell you now, what I learned in school. Probably because I learnt nothing aside from how to survive school.

I missed Year 10 completely. I went from Year 9 to Year 11 as they thought I needed the challenge. I certainly wasn't some genius lol. But I was deaf, so I guess that gave me some special status. They tried hard to give me loads of opportunities as I was a sponge, soaking up everything they threw at me. I was bored, so they tried to give me more challenging work which did nothing for my boredom. It was said by some disgruntled parents, that the only reason I was getting good grades is because of the extra free study periods I got that other kids didn't as I got to opt out of Phys Ed. That was laughable considering my study periods were spent either reading fantasy novels in the library, or wagging school to play Quake on the TAFE servers with a mate whose parents worked at there.

In any case, I met my boyfriend in Year 11 and suddenly I had something better to do than pay attention to the work at hand. My grades slipped, and insanely instead of doing Year 12 the following year, I chose to repeat some Year 11 subjects so that I would get better marks while doing Yr 12 for the rest. Then when the next year rolled around, I only had 3 Year 12 subjects to do - Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Blergh. Why should I waste my time going to school for THREE subjects which I hated, for a whole year? That decided it for me. I quit.

I was told I would regret quitting school. There was a big fuss about it, and a lot of disapproval. To this day, I have zero regrets. It was the best thing I did for my education. Fuck skool yo! Outside of school, I was free to peruse my own interests. I'm sure it looked like I was slumming it up at home, spending all my time on the computer. My parents tried to get me to do unpaid volunteer work so I was doing something! Never mind that I WAS doing something very worthwhile and beneficial. I was giving myself a first rate education in a very unstructured, natural learning, unschooling way!

I can tell you easily what I learnt from those two years of doing my own thing. I learnt computer skills - so well that I could build my own PC from parts, repair PCs to a limited degree. I also learnt another language - the language of the world wide web. I learnt html and css on the way, with a little working knowledge of php. I built websites. I even made money building websites and still do today. I learnt graphics design and that provided an alternative outlet for my creativity. I wrote content for websites. I wrote stories and poetry. I met people. I made some great friends. I enjoyed the thrill of midnight escapades on golf courses and beaches. In all this fun I was having, I was actually LEARNING, I gave myself an education yo. Somewhere in the middle of that, I signed up for the Brisbane School of Distance Education. I read the history book on Rome cos it was interesting. But as for the other subjects, I didn't even bother. At the end of it, I got my Yr 12 exit certificate before my classmates had even graduated. Big whoop. It ended up at the bottom of a drawer somewhere, and despite that, my family talked about how my younger brother was the first one to graduate from high school in the family. Err. Whatever.

Without quitting, I wouldn't have got a Certificate 4 in Information Technology or worked as an IT person at a primary school for a year. The study and seeing how schools worked from the other side of the equation further cemented my stance on shoved-down-the-throat-inane-drivel-education. Fuck skools yo! I barely made it to the end of my certificate as it happened again. I got bored of the inane drivel. Teaching is not the same thing as learning I decided. Learning is fun. Being taught is not!

Now here I am years on, an university student. It is much easier being an university student. I get more flexibility and freedom. I choose what I learn. I choose what angles I take on stuff. But even so, there are some units with essays that are inane drivel. As each tutor marks very differently, the trick is to pay attention to everything the tutor says. That way it is easy to work out what they are looking for in the assignments which complements the criteria given for assignments. So when I get stuck with inane drivel, I don't even bother. I just get the criteria met and ignore everything else. The hardest part is actually when I have a great unit. I spend all my time reading texts and papers and going off on tangents, and making up for all the learning I missed out on in the inane drivel units. It is hard because I always seem to run out of time, and have so much to say for my assignments that it becomes a herculean challenge to get my word count under the limit (despite writing concisely!).

And of course, when my life was blessed with children, we became a home educating family, following our own interests, pooling our knowledge and resources. It is called having a life where we get to learn stuff that is necessary and relevant to our lives. School? Omigoddess! Fuck skool yo! We aren't industrial age workers. We are human beings and there is a life out there waiting to be lived! It is people like us that will change the world, by challenging the status quo.


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