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These narratives of my herstory are highly personal and share the stories I have experienced over the years. I thought very carefully about publishing those for two reasons.

One, I am a private person and many of those accounts describe experiences that I once kept hidden out of embarassment and shame (such as domestic violence). Two, for those who know who I am, the people in those herstories will be readily and easily identified - even if I change names. I imagine my abuser especially, would not appreciate this. I believe he would want me to continue to keep my silence as he is all about status and social standing. But then again, many abusers are!

I have made the decision to publish based on the following reasons;

These herstories describe the struggles experienced at a personal level which are known social problems in the public sphere. Take domestic violence for instance. It is a social problem, however the reality of domestic violence for so many women has been obscured and hidden away. I don't want to do that anymore. Society can only benefit from understanding how such social issues are experienced at the personal level.

Other issues covered in my herstories include the transitions from child to adult child - an issue which many adults seem to struggle with at some point in their lives. Some are able to resolve it, others spend their lives feeling angry and powerless. Issues of single motherhood, deafness, cults and so on are also included.

Finally, a favourite author of mine Jungian psychologist, Clarissa Pinkola Estes who wrote "Women Who Run With The Wolves", believes people can learn from storytelling, taking away bits and pieces that they identify with, to construct understandings along their own personal journeys. I agree with that idea as storytelling is how information and learnings were traditionally passed down through generations. It is the principle behind fairytales and folk tales.

I see myself turning pages in my sacred book of herstory, the ink drying as I finish each page. I look back on occasion, surprised at what new realisations I make each time I revisit my herstories. Who knows, perphas someone else will identify in my words in a different situation, a different time and be helped along their journey. Such is the workings of storytelling.

Please continue on into my sacred herstories, keeping in mind that these narratives are entirely my opinion and perspective.

Narratives of My History Herstory.

Narrative, n. A spoken or written account of connected events; a story.

Please read this first before continuing...!

Inane Drivel ~ Fuck Skool Yo. - the beginning of my unschooling journey at 16 yrs old.

Seven Years in Me - my experiences of domestic violence

Breaking Free - a short story based on fact, names changed

Confessions of an Ex-Lapdog - on cults and recovery.

Joyous Birth - A political cult? - exploring cultish aspects

Growing Into Me - the transition from child-me to adult-me.

Shae - single mothering by choice.

A Recalcitrant Pity-fest - realisations of the hardships of deafness.

Thrice October - A tumultuous progression.

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