SHAE - Single Mothering By choice

There is a trilogy by Jane Routley, an Australian author. It starts with Mageheart, followed by Fire Angels, and ends with Aramaya; and is about Dion, a young female mage born of a gyspy mother. What particularly appealed to me was how children were important to the women, over their lovers. They did not remain in stagnant relationships with a single lover but rather chose to roam as gyspies are wont to do, leaving lovers behind as they outgrew them. Dion and her mother were wild, strong, independent women and I found myelf identifying a lot with their values.

So when it came to discovering I was pregnant, I made the conscious choice to be a single mother, knowing full well society's hang-ups about single mothers. I love my children and wanted to have more children but not necessarily have a relationship. How lucky was I, pregnant and no penis owner in sight! This was a cause for celebration.

I shared my pregnancy with my older two children, Kalea and Tyger. Each step I took on the journey to having Shae, further reaffirmed the rightness of what I was doing.

My pregnancy was the best one yet. No abusive wanker making my life miserable. Just pure, unadultered joy, sharing kicks and wriggles with the children, getting foot massages from my daughter who got it in her head to pamper me. My son would put his head to my belly and tell me about all the baby noises he could hear. We laughed lots. We did heaps of things together, knowing full well that life would change forever once I gave birth. Life had already changed I think, with the news of my pregnancy. We stopped looking behind us and started looking forward.

Then one early morning, we said goodbye to my pregnancy with hot showers, a hot milo, a cuddle on the couch and in bed, watching the white fog fade away with the sun rising. We all went to bed for a rest and then arose to get on with the day. Shae came in the afternoon as we started to watch a movie together.

Ever since, she has been nothing but a gift to our lives. We have gained so much more than we thought was possible. We were already happy and settled into our single mama family, but Shae really cemented that for us. As the kids said; "We gotta do this again! Let's have more babies!" I daresay they'll get their wish one day. Just not yet : )

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Narrative, n. A spoken or written account of connected events; a story.

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