As a birthkeeper (a term coined by the late midwife, Jeannine Parvati Barker) I uphold childbirth as a natural process of the female body, not a medical event. As such, I do not perform any medical procedures nor make any medical diagnoses.

This is similar to a doula, who is a non-medical birth professional. Most doulas are trained to provide information and support for women except for women who choose to homebirth. However, as a birthkeeper, I have no problem attending a home birth. I also have ethical stances that do not allow me to be part of practices that harm women or babies.


Doula & Birthkeeping SupportExperienced support for local women who wish guidance through the sacred women's mysteries of pregnancy, childbirth and mothering. At this time I am not attending homebirths as I have a baby in my care, but will provide pregnancy & postpartum support for anyone who requires it.

My support is provided for women as a political act and I will not charge for my services for this reason. Check out the community system page for alternative ideas of how you can give back to the community.

I believe that while there may be crimes against women and children worldwide on a scale that I can't always personally do something about, I most certainly can do something about the lives of women within my local community. I don't think women taking the initiative to help other women should come with a price tag.

Women committed to natural birth want to be able to labour and birth according to their own individual desires and urges. They do not usually want their labour interrupted for routine childbirth management as is per the standard in hospitals. Quickening Support Services is designed to help women align themselves with their goal of natural birthing.


"Lisa supported me through the difficult time of processing my traumatic birth experiences and has helped me to regain my belief and trust in my body. " - Carly, 2007

"You were a lovely calming presence at my homebirth. I enjoyed having someone to turn to who understood my desires for birth." - Jess, 2008

"Lisa gave me the reassurance I needed when deciding to do a homebirth. Thank you so much for your help and support!" - Yamuna, 2008

"Thank you so very much for all your helpful support during my first pregnancy, you were wonderful, this all helped in my labour being so effortless and an exhilirating experience." - Sarah 2008

"My partner thought it was kind of cool you were able to read my body cues to get me what I needed. Thank you! It was frustrating trying to find the voice to tell him what I wanted!" - Karin 2009



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Discovering the Power of Birth.

The Birthing - a course that covers routine medical management of childbirth and focuses on navigating the hurdles to natural childbirth present in the medical system.

The Quickening - a course that covers the intuitive feminine nature of labour and childbirth. Develop self-awareness and trust of inner knowledge from within while gathering up the power of women's mysteries to give birth to your fullest potential.

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