Community SYSTEM


Keeping it in the community.

A list of suggestions for those looking to give something back for services rendered.

None of this is asked for or necessary. This list is here solely to provide ideas for those who would like to give something back to the community. Even if I may not have need of something offered, there are many women who would have need and I'm happy to pass it on to them.

This is about putting energy out into the community and having it returned to the community more so than having it returned to me personally for the work I have done. I suggest people join the Tablelands LETS system if they are interested in community trading.


  • Garden maintenance services (garden bag, mulcher, recycling, bin cleaning, yard work, mowing etc)
  • House maintenance services (painting, wall repairs, floor repair, general maintenance, cleaning, blinds repair, security mesh etc)
  • Print or advertising services (ad in paper, publishing services, poster print run, business cards, laminating, brochures etc)


  • Yoga or pregnancy exercise class
  • Naturopath, herbalist, chiropractor, alternative health practitioner
  • Computer repair and upgrades
  • Massage
  • Article or story writing
  • Photography
  • Cooking / Catering
  • Permaculture / Backyard suburban food growing


  • Books relating to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding or women
  • voucher
  • Plants, herbs, flowers, vegetable plants.
  • Chook/cow/horse manure
  • Exchange of knowledge/support
  • A homecooked meal for the freezer


Awakening the Wild Woman within.

Professional doula support for local women who wish guidance through the sacred women's mysteries of pregnancy and childbirth.

Breastfeeding and mothering support is also given to those who seek to ease the transition into motherhood.


Discovering the Power of Birth.

The Birthing - a course that covers routine medical management of childbirth and focuses on navigating the hurdles to natural childbirth present in the medical system.

The Quickening - a course that covers the intuitive feminine nature of labour and childbirth. Develop self-awareness and trust of inner knowledge from within while gathering up the power of women's mysteries to give birth to your fullest potential.


Delving into the elusive mysteries.

So many women today are disconnected from the mysteries. Most would have no idea of what I speak when I say women's mysteries.

I've provided an online book of women's mysteries for browsing. In addition I also offer a course in the mysteries, called Woman Unleashed.

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