I am a woman with empathy for other women and children. My ethics are a basic umbrella of values by which I strive to live my life.

My ethics are not a judgment of other people, but can be a judgment on harmful practices. I support the right of others to make their own decisions, and in turn will be honest and upfront about my ethics.


I value the biological norm and natural state of being. Many issues fall under this ethic, including things which have been misconstrued by society to be the "natural order of things" when they are not. Eg. childbirth as a medical event.

Along the same line, My children's needs are important to me . I am a breastfeeding mother to two young children. I will not leave them if appropriate child care can not be organised in time, and if the child is too young to be separated from me ie. a breastfeeding baby, that child will come with me.

Likewise, babies and children whose voices often go unheard, have biological needs and expectations that are normal and natural for human young. I support families to best nurture mothers and babies in ways that meet the biological norm of humans. See Motherbaby for more.

Birth is a normal function of women's bodies. Birth is no more a medical event than intercourse in different positions or having a bowel movement. Birth is a private, sacred women's experience and should be respected as such. Routine management of pregnant or labouring women is not always necessary, justified or backed by evidence based medicine. I support the right of women to determine for themselves the necessity of whatever medical assistance is offered. See Routine Practices for more.

I feel babies' experiences of the world should not involve purposefully inflicted pain, distress or trauma. I do not support female genital mutilation (FGM) that is present in the world and shunned by our culture. Nor do I support male genital mutilation (infant circumcision) which is accepted in many cultures including our own.


I value people's differences, uniqueness and individuality, and the right to be their own person. I see human rights as an issue that affects everyone, with special interest in women's rights given the imbalance in our society where women's human rights are concerned.

Respect for the individual. Not everyone is at the same stage in their journey, or in the same place. Acknowledging that others are at different stages in their lives is an important core ethic for me, as without that respect, there would be no ability for true empathy or support.

The personal is political. Birth is a political issue of our times and women's rights are often abused in the name of modern childbirth. This affects both women and babies advesely. I will always take the position that protects individual women and their babies from harm over blanket policies or recommendations. See Women's Political Acts for more.

I feel it pays to be aware of internal and external influences. There are many factors involved in an individual's feeling, thought and action process, which influences the conclusions arrived at. One can learn how to align their actions with their desires by exploring those processes more deeply and being aware of both internal and external influences. Understanding this also helps us to understand our choices and to come to terms with choices we now regret.


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