• Experience with hospital births, homebirths and freebirths
  • Birth trauma support and experience through working with women with previous trauma.
  • Digital photography
  • Basic knowledge of herbs and acupressure points specific to women and childbirth
  • High level of reflective skills and can assist women in processing their previous experiences and discover more about themselves
  • I am deaf, and so communicate via lipreading, talking, pen/paper and body language. Being deaf so far has not proved a problem for clients and personally I think it enhances my support with my other senses being more acute


What is a Doula?
What is a Birthkeeper?
Benefits of Doula Support for Women
Childbirth Womanifesto

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What is Normal for Newborns
Subsequent Newborn Care
What is Normal for Postnatal Mothers
Breastfeeding Latch Diagram
Support Tips for Partners
Fever in Babies & Children


Discovering the Power of Birth.

The Birthing - a course that covers routine medical management of childbirth and focuses on navigating the hurdles to natural childbirth present in the medical system.

The Quickening - a course that covers the intuitive feminine nature of labour and childbirth. Develop self-awareness and trust of inner knowledge from within while gathering up the power of women's mysteries to give birth to your fullest potential.

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