A female doula provides emotional and physical "with woman" support, along with current evidence based information.

A doula does not carry out medical procedures or practices.

Research shows that having continuous female support starting in early labour reduces the need for pain drugs, medical intervention and instrumental/surgical birth.

Doula restrictions

There are some doula certifying organisations that will say their doulas are "not allowed" to attend a freebirth.

In the Australian Doula Register (it's completely optional whether to sign the Doula Register and it by no means constitutes a regulatory body for Doulas), there are limitations placed on homebirth and supporting women in birth at home before they choose to go to hospital.

Those limitations are currently only exist for doulas who choose to register with those type of organisations.. It is not illegal for doulas or any other woman to offer emotional, physical, spiritual or mental support to women who choose to birth at home.

Different Types of Doulas

There are many different types of doulas out there. There are some who will choose to support women in whatever they choose - even if that happens to be a home birth or a freebirth.

Quickening Support Services upholds childbirth as a natural process of the female body, and the rights of women to choose who, what, how and where they give birth. Our philosophy of support for women and childbirth fall more in with that of birthkeeping rather than doulaing.





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Discovering the Power of Birth.

The Birthing - a course that covers routine medical management of childbirth and focuses on navigating the hurdles to natural childbirth present in the medical system.

The Quickening - a course that covers the intuitive feminine nature of labour and childbirth. Develop self-awareness and trust of inner knowledge from within while gathering up the power of women's mysteries to give birth to your fullest potential.

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