My Writings

Writing was my first love, a love that went hand in hand with my passion for reading. I even have a box of writing material dating back to when I was nine years old!

Reading is to me what music is for some people. Pure, unadultered passion. Emotion. Power. Providence moving under my very feet. Worlds opening up, doorways looming, the faint rush of a breeze whispering of freedom, inviting exploration and discovery.

Writing naturally followed on from this, and to my delight once I mastered keyboarding, it was much easier. I could just sit there and construct my storytelling in my head and it would just flow out onto the screen.

Feel free to browse through some of my material, and keep in mind my work is copyright to me, so ask first if you plan on using it.

Childhood Works

Siobhan's Glass (short story)

Noises of Silent Worlds (poetry)

Membrane Drum Mosiac (poetry)

The Sunroom (short story)

Adult Works

Breaking Free (short story)

Coil (poetry)

Trouble Pooping? (birth satire)

Wyld Womyn (column)

Explict Prose & Poetry

copyright © Lisa Morgan 2007-2012