Slight moans of antipication
Exploring pressure of lips to pulsing flesh
Hungry kisses, becoming more insistent
Urgent caresses of demanding hands
Shedding clothes and doubts alike

Sucking, teasing nibbles on nakedness
The sinking of teeth, biting tightly into muscle
Shuddering, the tingling of pleasure and pain
Blood flushing to the surface
Licking, tasting the hot blood swelling out
Louder and louder, shivering moans of ecstasy

Deep bloody kisses, strong and passionate
Breathing in the kisses, the need grows
Raking claws splitting open tender skin
Thin lines of red oozing
Droplet by droplet trickling out
Tongue in warm moist holes, the taste of sex
The call of bloodlust is undeniable

And with every violent thrust,
Helpless moans turn into rhythmic grunts
Every desire and want satisified in
The hot force of sex
Slamming together.

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