Carry Me Away

My dreams run red with blood
Gasping awake into darkness
I still feel viscous red.

Shaking him awake
We leave the darkness
To emerge in the firelight.

His eyes explore my face
Finding desperate need
In a single look.

Face down in the dirt
A strong hand at the back of my neck
The whipping begins.

Wetness spreads between my legs
Discovered by probing fingers
I am rolled over onto my back.

His eyes capture mine
A sharp flick of the whip
Brings searing pain to my thighs.

Hungry for more, I open my legs
Fetching myself a slap to the cheek
And a hand tight around my throat.

Slow rubbing over my clit,
I run out of air
Fingers deep inside me.

He notices the crimson slash on my ankle
Eyebrows raised at me, I blush
Only to scream when he bites my cut.

Waves of exquisite pain
Or is it pleasure
I drown myself in the sea.


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