Explicit Poetry

If thy sensibilities bruise easily, peruse no further I beg of thee. For both prose and poetry float yonder, in the deep swirling waters of my soul. Sanguine verse, a litany of senses echoing askance. Is it real?

For these of my kin, flesh and blood, this is the signpost of ways never travelled. Turn back now lest thee discover how words cannot be scrubbed off thy eyeballs!


Sanguis Song

My Kind of Music



Carry Me Away


The Goddess of Beltane

Childhood Works

Siobhan's Glass (short story)

Noises of Silent Worlds (poetry)

Membrane Drum Mosiac (poetry)

The Sunroom (short story)

Adult Works

Breaking Free (short story)

Coil (poetry)

Trouble Pooping? (birth satire)

Wyld Womyn (column)

Explict Prose & Poetry

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