Pregnancy is the gradual realisation that things are changing within our bodies and that we are with child. It is a journey that prepares us to become mothers over again, one which allows us valuable time to adjust to those life changes.

It is also the journey of changes and rekindling the connection to our deepest selves so that we can nurture the pregnancy and our unborn babes.

Fears and doubts rise in pregnancy, for women to process and work through before the time of birth. Sometimes those fears are hidden and come to us in our dreams.

The intuitive nature of the feminine is one of the most important aspects to honor in pregnancy.

It guides us, reassures us and allows us to discern what is personally true for us out of what we are told. It is the tiny echo of stability - a life line, should we be overwhelmed with the raging fires of fear.

Some women find it difficult to trust in their inner knowing and intuition during pregnancy because the small verifications that everything is ok ie, feeling baby kick and move, is not always concrete enough for women that have been disconnected from their knowing.

This is a problem because for some of those women, it can influence their trust in themselves once labour starts and they feel a strong need to seek out verification from outside sources.

Our pregnancies are robbed from us with the constant stream of tests designed to tell others how we are progressing, so they may tell us how we are progressing. As if we did not already know.

The visceral knowledge we have is thus discredited and replaced with technocractic knowledge. We begin to lose trust in ourselves, in the slow emergence of knowledge that we once knew so intimately.

Women who don't use pregnancy tests are given the opportunity to start reconnecting with their bodies by a gradually growing awareness of changes within themselves.

This is probably one of the first knowings that is concreted in the verification of pregnancy - baby movements, a swelling pregnant belly, the absence of bleeding. If women miss out on this first verification of their intuition by their own bodies, they've missed out on one of the most important aspects of the journey that is pregnancy.



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