Noises of Silent Worlds

First published in the Cairns Post, 3rd October 1998 as winner of the Poetry Competition.

Excerpt from The Cairns Post: "But among the entries, it was hard to avoid the talent in two entries. They happened to be written by the same person - 16 year old Lisa (xxx). Lisa is the overall winner for this year's competition. Her short story Siobhan's Glass is an adventure into the teenage mind, written in a beautifully direct way. She has left behind pretentions and waffling to plant the reader firmly behind a school desk. The journey isn't always comfortable, but it is honest. Both Lisa's story and her winning poem, Noises of Silent Worlds feature the life of a hearing impaired girl. Lisa is profoundly deaf. She has not heard any sound since she was two. As judge of the competition, I didn't know Lisa was deaf until The Cairns Post visited her to tell her about her win. "


Noises of Silent Worlds

The things you hear - I see and feel
Motorbikes burr and roar past with a wind rush,
The feel of a Scot rrrrrrrolling his "r"s.

Sounds to you - Vibrations to me,
Rhythmic rap of reggae, slam of rong, easy swing of jazz,
Loud and music to your ears, a deep and rhythmic tantara in my chest

Words and sentences for you - Mostouches, teeth, shiny braces, lips for me
An energetic "HELLO! HOW ARE YOU!?"
Is a simple "hello how are you" if said expressionless
With the art of understanding body language and lip patterns,
It is an energetic "HELLO! HOW ARE YOU!?"

The brring brring! of a telephone to you - a flashing light to me
You listen for the voice at the other end, I read a computer or phone screen

Discordant noise to you - shakes and jolts for me.
Yours jars you awake with noise, mine shakes the pillow violently
Both wake, both are infuriating so early in the morning

Voices and accents for you - vibrations in throats or lip patters for me,
I'm not dumb and certainly not mute, I do the same as you and speak
Only i have to think how the word is said, where my tongue goes, how loud
The English language of sounds is as bewildering to me as unlearned foreign language is to you

Soundwaves for you - feelings for me
The harsh ear-piercing shriek in your ear, a not so painful explosive rush of wind in mine
Almost a real noise, and the closest thing to hearing as i can get

Noises, sounds, music
Are vibrations, patterns and movements
No such thing as the deaf person's
Silent World.


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