The Goddess of Beltane

As I approach the time
Of the Goddess
I feel her need and desire
As strong as mine own

My best friend,
Her breath on my neck
Fingertips trailing up my side
Doesn’t she know?
Her boyfriend shifts
His arm touching mine
Oblivious to my sensitivity
He leaves his arm there

I curse the Goddess
Will away need and desire
Trap them within a rib cage
Only to feel fingertips stroking

Straining nipples
Sharp teeth
Stifled moans
Soft lips
Slick warmth

Eyes upon us
Oblivious no more
Erect and curious
His strong hands press in
Joining the tangle of our thighs

Warm fingers move through my legs
Teasing my wetness
Before entering her
Her tongue in my mouth
She gasps

I hold her down
Writhing under us
Close to the summit
He finally cuts her
And sends her bucking over
Into a world of pleasure

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